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Latest news, comment and analysis on climate changes and global warming, most relewant websites providing scientific, technical and economic information on impact of climate change. Facts, statistics, climate project information, global warming effect and climate change issues.

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Nikan Oti: The Future
The project examines how two First Nations communities have taken initiatives to address adaptation and adaptive capacity to climate related risks and opportunities.

Understanding adaptive capacity in two First Nations This website contains information about the Nikan Oti research project and its results. The
...for more details please visit the website itself.

United States Copenhagen 09
Official U.S. government site about COP15 with press room, daily live stream and links to related U.S. government and climate change partner web sites.

COP-15 Department of State
“Our generation's response to this challenge will be judged by history, for if we fail to meet it -- boldly, swiftly, and together -- we risk

US EPA: Sea Level Rise Reports
Federally funded assessments of the dangers associated with rising sea levels, with a focus on what people should do today to prepare for the consequences. Includes maps of vulnerable areas, abstracts on beach erosion and barrier islands, saltwater intrusion, floods, coastal wetlands, dangers to other nations and estimates of future rise, plus links to the full PDF reports.

What are you looking for? Climate Change Impacts and Adapting to Change The changing climate impacts society and ecosystems in a broad variety of
...for more details please visit the website itself.

AIP - The Discovery of Global Warming
A hypertext history of how scientists came to (partly) understand what people are doing to cause climate change, told in a set of hyperlinked essays by Spencer Weart. From tthe American Institute of Physics.

The Discovery of Global Warming February 2013 A hypertext history of how scientists came to (partly) understand what people are doing to cause
...for more details please visit the website itself.

New York Times - Copenhagen Climate Talks (UNFCCC)
Collection of recent and archived news and commentary, photos, multimedia and selected web resources. USA.

Sunday, September 8, 2013 Global Warming & Climate Change Steen Ulrik Johannessen/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images News about Global
...for more details please visit the website itself.

US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) Seminar: Amphibian Declines in the Cloud Forests of Costa
Report of a case study into the present and future consequences of global warming for highland tropical forest ecosystems. A brief overview of the collapse of the entire amphibian fauna of Monteverde Cloud Forest, including the disappearance of the Golden Toad.

US Global Change Research Program. Helping to understand, assess, predict, and respond to global change.
Declines in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica Declines in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica: Responses to Climate Change? USGCRP Seminar, 29 September

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC): State of the Cryosphere
Information on the status of sea ice, freshwater ice, snow, glaciers, and permafrost. Includes data sets with search facility, details of projects and research, news articles, and links to data providers.

We are one of eight NASA Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). The DAACs process, archive, document, and distribute data from NASA's past and current Earth Observing System (EOS) satellites and field measurement programs.
Supporting scientific study of the cryosphere The NSIDC Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) processes, archives, documents, and distributes data

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[$$] Rail Logjam Strands Cars at Factory
New cars and trucks are stacked up at U.S. factories as auto makers and railroads struggle to overcome delays brought on by winter weather and the rise of production outside the U.S. Midwest.

Asteroid Talk
The guys review funny audio from a weather forecast and reveal their plans should an asteroid hit the Earth.

Thursday Weather Forecast

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