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Latest news, comment and analysis on climate changes and global warming, most relewant websites providing scientific, technical and economic information on impact of climate change. Facts, statistics, climate project information, global warming effect and climate change issues.

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Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution (OSDPD)
Graphical presentation from the US Government National Environment Satellite, Data, and Information Service. Includes charts for sea surface temperatures, aerosol optical thickness, coral bleaching hotspots, precipitation, volcanic ash, and a snow and ice mapping system.

The Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution (OSDPD) manages and directs the operation of the central ground facilities which ingest,
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US EPA: Sea Level Rise Reports
Federally funded assessments of the dangers associated with rising sea levels, with a focus on what people should do today to prepare for the consequences. Includes maps of vulnerable areas, abstracts on beach erosion and barrier islands, saltwater intrusion, floods, coastal wetlands, dangers to other nations and estimates of future rise, plus links to the full PDF reports.

What are you looking for? Climate Change Impacts and Adapting to Change The changing climate impacts society and ecosystems in a broad variety of
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Australian Bureau of Meteorology: Climate Change
Fact sheets and information on climate change, with an Australian perspective. Also provides annual statements on Australia's climate.

Climate change and variability Australia's warmest 12-month period on record September 2012 to August 2013: the last 12 months The past 12 months
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GreenHouse Gas Online
Reports news and research relating to greenhouse gas and climate change along with links to the abstracts of hundreds of greenhouse gas scientific papers. Authored by Dave Reay, a lecturer in carbon management at the University of Edinburgh.

Greenhouse Gas Online. Welcome to GHG online - Greenhouse Gas News, Research and Resources
Toshichika Iizumiclose and colleagues at the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan, have shown how seasonal climate forecasts

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
An inter-governmental network for the promotion of global environmental change research and links between science and policy making in the Asia-Pacific Region.

You are visiting the archive of the old APN website APN has launched a new website and the page you currently visit has ceased to be maintained. To
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Web Resources on Desertification
Links to web sites providing information on desertification worldwide.

Compiled and annotated by Katherine Waser "The successful implementation of the Convention would make a significant contribution to solving some
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Conference of international experts hosted by University College London (UK) in June, 2006. Photos and profiles of keynote speakers, with twelve RealPlayer presentations and abstracts as text.

HOLIVAR2006 Open Science Meeting - 'Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming'. 12th - 15th June, 2006 @ Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London, UK. Global warming is one of the most urgent issues for human society in the 21st century. In this meeting we will examine how and why the natural climate system varies and assess the relative importance of natural processes and human activity in explaining global warming.
HOLIVAR2006 Open Science Meeting Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming Keynote Presentations available as streaming Climate of the Past is

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US housing starts rise in March

Houses under construction are seen in an aerial view on February 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, NevadaNew US home construction rose for a second straight month in March but building permits fell as the housing market was emerging from bad winter weather, official data showed Wednesday. New housing starts rose 2.8 percent from February, with construction getting under way at an annual pace of 946,000 units, the Commerce Department said. Compared with a year ago, housing starts were down 5.9 percent and building permits were up 11.2 percent.

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